Mind-Blowing Matter Rocks!

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Join us Wednesday July 25 at 1:00PM at the Newfields Town Hall for the Children’s Museum program : Mind-Blowing Matter Rocks!

Join us for an exploration of matter from tiny molecules to exploding volcanoes. Learn how rocks can change their state of matter, and watch other items change right before your eyes! Make an incredible shrink paper craft (that looks like real glass!) to take home. A museum educator will lead children in a hands-on, exciting, and informative presentation, with a focus on geology and other subjects that ROCK!

Designed for ages 5-11, children outside this range are welcome to attend.

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Please take note:

Someone has been removing the letters from the library sign in front of the building. As a result, some have gone missing, and others have been broken. We have alerted the Newfields police department to take note….that no one (other than library staff) should be touching that sign. If you notice someone removing letters from the sign, please alert the Newfields police department immediately. Thank you for your help!

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LEGO Club will meet Tuesday, July 24, 3-4:30 pm

This activity is for ages 6-12. Younger siblings are welcome to attend, but parents will be expected to chaperone them. Goldfish crackers and water will be provided.

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Future Babysitters for Newfields

Ten girls in grades 6 through 9 recently completed an 8-hour 4H certified Babysitting Course at the library taught by Pam.  Topics covered included child development, nutrition, first aid, child and infant CPR, when and how to call for help, how best to entertain children and most importantly, how to be responsible and keep the children safe at all times.

They are ready and enthusiastic to start babysitting!

A list of contact information for them will be available at the library desk.

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LEGO Contest Winners

Thank you to all the children who participated in today’s LEGO Contest! We saw lots of hard work, creativity, problem-solving, teamwork, and fun as the entries were put together.

The winners were: (left to right)

Honorable Mention – Nicole Johnson

LEGO that showed something from a favorite book – Noah Lynch, from the books Holes

LEGO that showed the most creativity – Sylvie Kotsonis

Best LEGO from a kit – Charles Kotsonis


Here are photos of some of the entries: (check back tomorrow for the rest!)


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LEGO Club Photos!

    On this cold day in December, the children had lots of fun at LEGO Club!

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Boo Parade held on October 26th

Here is a picture!

Here is a link to the story that appeared in the Exeter Newsletter on October 27th:


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LEGO Club Photos

Always lots of fun at LEGO Club!

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New tote bags for sale!

The Friends of the Library have new tote bags for sale!

These are wonderful for carrying books but great for lots of other things too. They will make lovely gifts as well.

The cost is $10 – payable in cash or by check made out to the Friends of the Newfields Public Library.

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Summer Reading Raffle Winners and photos

Here are the winners of our Summer Reading Raffle prizes:

Basket #1 – Atticus Johnston

Basket #2 – Greta Bauer

Basket #3 – Lauren Leigh

Basket #4 – Grace Mcilroy

Basket #5 – Megan Leigh

Basket #6 – Olivia Amarosa

Prize # 7 – Bennett Kyle

Teen Prize – Lydia Murray

Adult Prize – Holly Tomilson

New tote bag winner – Molly Conner

Everyone enjoyed ice cream and the Boston Museum of Science presentation on rockets!







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