Celebrate Earth Day this year with a Newfields clean-up day!

When: Saturday, April 23
Time: 9AM-1PM
Where: Meet at Town Hall, clean up on route 85 and 87

Please meet at the front lawn of Town Hall with gloves and brightly colored clothing between 9 and 10am. If you want to work around town Hall or Hilton Corner, please bring rakes and clippers as well.

For Roadside Clean-Up, you will receive bags for trash and recycling and be assigned a half-mile stretch on both sides of route 85 or 87 to clean up. You can leave full bags on the side of the road and they will be picked up between 12 and 1.

Or you can volunteer to spruce up Town Hall or Hilton Corner.

If you have any questions, please call Phyllis Mackey at 603-498-9969.

This event is sponsored by the Newfields Town Democratic Committee with support from the Newfields Garden Club, Friends of the Library, Paul Memorial Library and Nicole and Jeremiah Vernon.