Join us for a town-wide Read-a-Thon this December!

With cold weather and fewer group events this year, we’re helping people find more reasons to stay in and read.

How to Participate

To participate, simply sign up with Reader Zone. You can download the app or log in through your desktop. (The app is super easy to use!)

  1. 1. Create an account and log in with the library’s program code: 90fba
  2. 2. Select “Newfields Read-a-Thon” program.
  3. 3. Choose which age group you want to participate in: Adult or Children
  4. 4. That’s it! You can now start logging your books between Dec. 1 and Dec. 31.

Let’s see how many books Newfields can read in December!

Call or email the library with any questions. Happy reading!

How to Create a Reader Zone Account

Step 1: Select Sign Up

To create a new account, sign up at

Step 2: Choose your account type.

Individual adult readers should select “Reader”

Parents sign up their kids should select “Parent”

Step 3: Create account.

Sign up by filling in your name, email, and password.

Step 4: Download the app or access account through desktop.

The easiest way to track your reading is through the Reader Zone app. Simply download the app on your phone and log in to start recording your reading through the library program. Remember to use the program code 90fba to sign up for the Newfields Read-a-Thon.

If you don’t have a smartphone, or prefer to use desktop, click the “Access your account on Desktop” button to start recording your reading.

The screen will look like this:

Click “+Add Program” then enter the library program code: 90fba

Select your reader group: Adult or Kids. Then fill in your reading count for the day.

That’s it!

If you have questions, call or email the library and we’d be happy to assist you!