Have you finished all your jigsaws and are looking for your next puzzle?  Come to our Quarterly Puzzle Swap and refresh your collection!

Where: Paul Memorial Library
When: Saturday, Dec. 2
Time: 11AM

Bring a 500+ piece puzzle without any missing pieces to trade for one that’s new-to-you! Clean out your closet and bring a few! Spread the word so there will be more puzzles to choose from.

How it works

  1. Bring a puzzle(s) to the library on Saturday, Dec. 2.
  2. We will begin the swap at 11AM.
  3. Take one puzzle for each you donate (up to 5).*

*We’ll do five rounds of picking based on how many each person brought. E.g., Round 1 for everyone who brought at least one puzzle. Round 2 everyone who brought 2 or more puzzles goes through to make their next pick, and so on. Those who brought three puzzles would only do three rounds, etc.


  • All puzzles should be in good condition, in the original box with all the pieces (to the best of your knowledge).
  • Please don’t donate puzzles unless you plan to come on Saturday for the swap.
  • You’re welcome to donate more than 5 but the swap will be limited to 5 apiece until everyone gets a chance to exchange. If there are any left over, they are free for the taking!

*Masks encourgaged while in the library.