Have you finished all your jigsaws and are looking for your next puzzle?  Don’t buy a new one, come to our third Quarterly Puzzle Swap and stock up for the winter!

Where: Paul Memorial Library
When: Saturday, November 12
Time: 11AM

Bring a 500+ piece puzzle without any missing pieces to trade for one that’s new-to-you! Clean out your closet and bring a few! Spread the word so there will be more puzzles to choose from.

How it works

  1. Drop off puzzles to exchange at the library by Thursday, November 10.
  2. Come to the library Saturday, November 12 at 11AM to begin the swap.
  3. Take one puzzle for each you donate (up to 5).


  • All puzzles should be in good condition, in the original box with all the pieces (to the best of your knowledge).
  • Please don’t donate puzzles unless you plan to come on Saturday for the swap.
  • You’re welcome to donate more than 5 but the swap will be limited to 5 apiece to start to make sure everyone gets a chance to exchange.
  • If you aren’t able to drop off a puzzle early, no problem! Bring your puzzle(s) day-of to exchange.

*Masks requested while in the library.