The deadline to change your party affiliation prior to the State Primary in September is Tuesday June 2, 2020

Voters registered as a member of a political party may only vote on that party’s ballot at the state primary.  Voters registered as undeclared may join a party by requesting that party’s ballot when voting in person or by absentee. 

To view  your party affiliation, go to   The voter checklist is also posted at the Newfields Post Office.

To change your party affiliation go to and download the Application to Change Party Affiliation under Forms & Documents. 

A voter can fill the form in on-line and then print. A voter may also print it and then fill it in with a pen. The form requires the voter to complete the form, print it, sign it, obtain a witness signature, and return it to the clerk’s office.  

Return the Application to Change Party Affiliation by mail or in our drop box outside of the Town Office.  These forms cannot be emailed.  You may also make an appointment if you wish to appear in person to change your party affiliation. 

Contact Sue McKinnon with any questions.

Sue E. McKinnon
CMC Newfields Town Clerk/Tax Collector
65 Main Street
Newfields NH 03856

Emergency Order #43, issued by the Governor on May 14, 2020, waives the requirement for a voter to appear in person to change party affiliation.