Looking for you next great read? See what the Newfields librarians are reading and loving this month…

Book Cover: The Two Lives of Lydia Bird by Josie Silver.

This is a heart-wrenching story about love, loss, grief, and finding your way back on the other side. When Lydia’s fiancé Freddie (and partner of over a decade) tragically dies in a car accident, Lydia is devastated. As she struggles to cope after the recent loss, she begins taking sleeping pills to help her sleep at night and discovers an alternate reality where Freddie is still alive. Every day she looks forward to when she can sink back into bed and be with Freddie in her dreams. But as she lives this impossible double-life, Lydia must soon face a choice. Stay in the past or move forward with someone new?

This was an imaginative, emotional, and warm book. If you want a lost-love romance with a touch of magic, give it a read.

Brittney T.

Get ready for a local adventure with Escapade Johnson written by a NH teacher, Michael Sullivan. These humorous books  for kids or kids at heart are fun to read aloud or by yourself.

In the most “boring town in NH” Escapade Johnson and his friends end up in spooky adventures. Escapade often learns its not always a good idea to let his friends influence him into unwise decisions. But things turn ok in the end. 

Our library owns Es­capade John­son and the Cof­fee Shop of the Liv­ing Dead, Es­capade John­son and the phan­tom of the ­science ­fair, Es­capade John­son and the witch­es of Belk­nap Coun­ty and Es­capade John­son and ­may­hem at Moun­t Moosi­lauke.  Come check them out today.

-Cori C.

I’m re-reading Flashback, by Nevada Barr. Have you read any of her mysteries?

If you like National Parks, you will find her Anna Pigeon books fascinating reading. Anna is a park ranger, and she solves mysteries in the various parks to which she has been assigned. each book takes you to a different national park, and the setting is described in detail so well written that it’s like being there.

FLASHBACK is the 11th book in the Anna Pigeon series. Anna is on temporary
assignment at Fort Jefferson in the Dry Tortugas off Key West, Florida. Key West is quite different from other parks Anna has worked. Someone goes missing, requiring a search at sea, some perilous scuba diving investigation, and the remains of an explosion are found. It’s a dual timeline book, with part of the action taking place in flashback through a series of letters Anna reads from the 19th century when Dr. Samuel Mudd (the physician who set John Wilkes Booth’s leg after the Lincoln assassination) was a prisoner there. Fort Jefferson was the prison fort where Mudd and other Lincoln conspirators were held. With the dual timelines the book reads like the best combination of an historical novel and a mystery.

I wanted to re-read it as I recently visited Fort Clinch in Florida which was constructed
very like Fort Jefferson. My visit reminded me of Barr’s book and so I set out to re-
read it.

If you are looking for a new mystery author and you haven’t discovered Nevada Barr,
give her a try. Flashback would be a great start!

-Carl H., Director