We are no longer accepting donations at the library! Due to limited space, we are NOT accepting donations at this time. We ask that you do NOT leave donations outside the library during our closed hours, as our library staff is not responsible for donation disposal. We have a red cart set up at the Newfields Post Office, where you can drop off and pick up books – a true recycling program. However, we ask that only NEWER books (in good condition) be left on this cart. Musty books from the attic, and old text books are not likely to be taken. We ask that you donate those elsewhere. (Note: If the cart is full, please DO NOT leave additional boxes of books! This is not a dump site. The post office has been kind enough to let us keep our book cart on the premises, and we do not want to abuse the privilege.)

Please call Newmarket Public Library or Wiggin Library in Stratham to check if they need donations. You can also drop off books at the large book donation bins in Exeter.  Wonderland Thrift Shop in Stratham also accepts book donations.

Why don’t we do an annual book sale like other libraries? We simply don’t have the storage space for large numbers of books.

How else can I help the library? Please consider joining our Friends of the Library organization for just $25/year – see their page on this website

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